Today I come to present another international fashion store for you, this time in a very different segment that I have never mentioned here before, clothes that are tactical clothing.

At the Wayrates you find this style of clothing that had its origin and inspiration in the uniforms of the armed forces, army, navy, etc, and also get inspired by the working world and also by sports. This trend arrived on the streets and combines with the practicity and confort that we need so much in our busy life in big cities.

Keeping an eye on this change of direction, with life asking for more and more practicality, attuned stylists on the planet left aside the ornaments and concentrated on creating useful clothes in eclectic combinations, made in fabrics of luxury or high technology in a new concept detected and baptized as utilitarianism.

Utilitarian fashion is very practical for the season: clothes full of pockets, more comfortable models and neutral tones, such as brown, beige, military green, gray and black, which give you the opportunity to combine the accessories you want. Many people find it difficult to use this trend, but in fact it is easy to use and is stylish. It has very peculiar characteristics, which is the presence of pockets, which can be positions or only aesthetic, many buttons with a palette of “dirty” colors of earthy and green tones, especially olive green, with space for black, gray and white (since it is the easiest color to wash).

Utility fashion emerged in the 1940s, inspired by military uniforms. But utility does not have to be military because style has a lot of safari clothing. Utility fashion is a little more comprehensive, it's as if the military were in a folder and utility fashion was the file.

All tendencies towards militarism enter utilitarian fashion. This new fashion proposal conveys the expression of well-being without imposing styles.

The tactical jackets are super stylish for both men and women, for those who like that cool, stripped-down urban style blends in very well. The heavier shoes as well as boots are also very high, giving an interesting weight to the looks that can be broken using more romantic and delicate clothes with fluid fabrics, such as skirts and dresses.

The game is no longer to enhance the look with unnecessary ornaments, but to revert the traditional looking for humor in combinations of clothes of different origins chosen by those who use them as an expression of their personality.

Aviator Amelia Earhart is the muse of the new trend. In the 1930s she was one of the first women to migrate to men's activities and wardrobes. For the new activity she adopted a utilitarian costume, different from the little functional fashion that was launched for women. She didn't dress up as a man. She created clothes that fit her profession.
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