Today I come to indicate another amazing international clothing store for you, Shoessee! The accessories have the power to totally change your clothes and the look, leaving the most chic for events or more casual for day to day. 
A few decades ago, shoes became the object of desire, collection items, passion and desire. But the fact is that they were initially designed only to protect the feet from rough terrain, from cold, heat, etc. And what today clogs our closet, was just an object that was part of the rudimentary man's clothing.

Womens shoes, in turn, have a variety and refinement that clearly distinguishes them from men's. The types are of the most varied: anabela, ankle boot, boot, boots, escarpin, moccasins, mule, open boot, oxford, flat shoes, sandal, ballerina, sneaker, stilleto, clog, tennis, peep toe, princess and a multitude of denominations that fashionistas do not stop creating collection after collection. 
The fact is that nowadays the shoe is no longer just an accessory. It is a key piece and ends up being the continuation of a look. By the feet it is possible to show traits of femininity, personality and style. That's why women are so passionate about shoes. 

Flat boots are the perfect model for the coldest days and go very well with pants as well as dresses and skirts that can be used with thicker winter socks. Very comfortable because they don't have heels, they are perfect for everyday looks. 

Regardless of model and brand, some women's feeling for shoes is something that transcends logic. Who has never heard from a man the old joke that in another incarnation the woman should be a centipede? For that alone to explain his need to have so many pairs, when in fact he only has two feet. After all, there are women who remember more easily the first pair of shoes they bought with their own money than the man they kissed for the first time. It sounds crazy, but some of them treat shoes like best friends, precious goods, companions on long journeys. And, in the end, passion is not something to be understood. And if that makes us happy, that we have our two, five, ten or a hundred pairs of shoes. 

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They have a lot of kinds of trendy sweaters that will keep you warm on cold days and give that extra touch of style to your look. 

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terminados segundo semestre.


 Venho mostrar hoje os produtinhos que terminei até aqui nesse segundo semestre de 2020.

Pra começar um hidratante super antigo da Victoria Secrets que só tinha um restinho, na fragrância Forever Blushing. Como sempre um shampoo Seda Pureza Detox e também usei um da Dove Hidratação Intensa pra equilibrar e também gostei bastante. O sabonete líquido de Blueberry da Sephora é um dos favoritos da minha mãe que vira e mexe compramos, tem uma resenha mais antiga dele aqui
Um dos meus demaquilantes bifásicos favoritos da vida é o da Neutrogena, que tem um custo x benefício ótimo! Ainda acho a versão que vende na gringa melhor, mas o que temos por aqui também vale bastante a pena. Desodorante eu só uso esses em barra ou em creme que seguram muito o suor, experimentei esse da Ban mas confesso que não gostei, acho que não segura muito o suor durante o dia; meu preferido ainda é o Clinical da Rexona.
Por fim acabou uma acetona da Ideal que é a minha preferida, retira super bem o esmalte sem esforço; e um esmalte que eu amava, mas chegou ao fim um verde holográfico perfeito, dos favoritos da minha coleção, o Hera da Hits.