RomyTisa Best Baguette Bags for Your Summer Outfits


Small, elongated, delicate and full of functionality, the baguette bag is once again among the darlings of fashion. With a revamp for today, it can bring together all the vintage charm of the 2000s with more contemporary trends! At Romytisa you will find several models of this style of bag and certainly one will be just like you.

The shape is what gives inspiration to the name, as it has an aesthetic that resembles a long flat bread, like the baguettes. With a simple, delicate design that enhances the composition as a whole, the baguette bags are known for its traditionally rectangular shape, composed of a thinner and shorter handle, which leaves it close to the underarms of the wearer, however, it can also be worn on the hand.

It is a piece of vintage origin, so it carries this air more linked to the past. However, it is back with a new proposal in colors, prints, and details. Even though it still retains traditional aspects, it is possible to see traces of modernity in the new examples. New colors, textures and padrons make the new baguette bags even more trendy for your looks.



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