If you want to feel better, sexy, more confident in your clothes, I want to introduce you today to a store that can help you improve your self-esteem when it comes to getting dressed, Popilush.
They have different products 
with wonderful options that value and shape the body, for women who increasingly want to empower themselves and feel more confident in their choice of looks. That's such an inviting, empowering, different and fashion-forward shapewear line for women.

One of their top products are the body shaping dresses that comes with a shaper built into the dress to keep everything in place, with a lot of femininity and curves. If you want that Kardashian style with a tight dress, this is the perfect option that will shape your body. 

The smoth modal fabric is whole body shaping, comes with double layer, open gusset, underwear free, system of butt lifting, built-in bra, shaping bodysuit underneath, adjustable straps beteween others to make this dress confortable and sculpt your body. And for making bathroom breaks more practical and easier e that the models has the pulling method.

That are entire collections of slimming bodysuit for you to choose the best piece, which best fits your style and needs. Under the clothes, it doesn't feel heavy and it's very breathable prioritizing women's comfort. 

The lace model is sexy and composes super cool looks for night occasions like parties and clubs. This is the type of piece that gives an up in more basic looks and can even transform a simple jeans into a club look. The pieces can be worn under clothes and can often appear to enhance and enhance your wardrobe as they are always on the lookout for the main fashion trends so you get the best out of the pieces using on any occasion. 

As we believe that every woman, in in all different shapes and sizes, is sexy, strong, beautiful and unique in their own way we also want to see them at their best shape. With built in shapewear dress each and every woman can feel more comfortable in her own body, boosting her confidence and making them feel sexy and happy with their own bodies.

We want to change how people usually see shapewear by looking how woman actually move they make garments that are break through in their design, manufacturing techniques, high technology and materials. 
It makes shapewear fashion more natural and attractive. Everything is produced with the best modeling thinking about the natural curves of the body, and of course with the best materials, fabrics of the best quality.