my chic dress.


Hoje venho apresentar para vocês mais uma loja com peças da moda super bacana e da moda, a My chic dress. Aqui você vai encontrar todo tipo de modelo de vestido de festa, para casamentos, formaturas e todos os eventos que você precisar daquele vestido especial de arrasar.
Today I come to present to you another store with super cool and trendy fashion pieces, My chic dress. Here you will find all kinds of party dresses, for weddings, graduations and all the events that you need that special dress to knock your socks off.

Os vestidos de noiva são aquela peça mais do que especial para essa grande ocasião, mais importante da vida de muitas mulheres. Seja como for o importante é que ele reflita os gostos e verdadeira personalidade da noiva seja ela como for em seus Black Wedding Dresses.
Wedding dresses are that more than special piece for that big, most important occasion in many women's lives. Whatever the case, the important thing is that it reflects the bride's tastes and true personality in her Black Wedding Dresses.

As damas de honra também são parte super importante de uma boa festa de casamento, os estilos de vestidos que geralmente combinam na cor ou no modelo são escolha da noiva para suas amigas mais próximas. Entre os diversos modelos os velvet Bridesmaid dresses  se destacam no site tendo diversas opções de cores.
Bridesmaids are also a super important part of a good wedding party, the styles of dresses that usually match in color or design are the bride's choice for her closest friends. Among the various models the velvet Bridesmaid dresses stand out on the site having several color options.

word make up.


Hoje estou a apresentar-vos uma loja internacional cheia de maquiagem por atacado, Word Make Up. Tudo o que precisa em maquiagem encontrará aqui, desde base, corretivo, sombra, paletas, blushes, batons, rímel, etc. Para completar a sua coleção de maquiagem com todos aqueles produtos que sempre quis e não sabia onde encontrar, para ajudar a aumentar a sua auto-estima e fazer-lhe sentir ainda mais bonita.
Today I am introducing to you an international store full of wholesale makeup, Word Make Up. Everything you need in makeup you will find here, from foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, palettes, blushes, lipsticks, mascara, etc. To complete your makeup collection with all those products you have always wanted and didn't know where to find, to help increase your self-esteem and make you feel even more beautiful.

Aqui você vai encontrar uma grande variedade de maquiagem, todo o tipo de marcas, desde a mais barata até e mais acessível até marcas de maagem mais famosas e luxuosas, tais como Dior, Anatasia, MAC, Guerlain, Nars... Todos juntos num só lugar, com os melhores preços!
Here you will find a lot of variety of makeup, all kinds of brands, from the cheapest to the most affordable and wholesale cosmetics to the most famous and luxurious makeup brands, such as Dior, Anatasia, MAC, Guerlain, Nars... All together in one place with the best prices.

Super recomendo e a loja a todos os amantes da maquiagem, podem passar horas a folhear os grandes produtos, a sua entrega internacional leva o melhor da maquiagem em todo o mundo.
I highly recommend the store to all make-up lovers, you can spend hours browsing the great products, their international delivery takes the best of make-up all over the world.

hidratante cuide-se bem nuvem oboticário.


Já falei bastante dos produtos do Boticário por aqui e adoro a marca, a linha Cuide-se Bem é uma das minhas favoritas em custo x benefício da marca e hoje venho falar sobre o hidratante na fragrância Nuvem.
Como não gosto muito de cosméticos que tem fragrância muito doce, geralmente acho meio enjoativos, achei esse maravilhoso! Ele tem uma fragrância bem suave e gostosa, aconchegante, de banho tomado...
A textura é leve, espalha muito bem e ao mesmo tempo hidrata, a pele fica macia, suave e acetinada, realmente é uma sensação de nuvem. Recomendo muito esse hidratante pro dia a dia, principalmente pra quem, como eu, não gosta de cheiros muito doces.
Falei mais sobre esse hidratante em uma lista colaborativa sobre hidratantes corporais. Para ler a minha resenha e ver a indicação de outras blogueiras e produtoras de conteúdo que também indicaram seus hidratantes favoritos, basta clicar neste link.



Today I'm presenting a children's store full of varieties for all the mommies out there to get to know beautiful pieces for their children, Popopie. In the store you will find quality and very comfortable children's clothing for outings and special occasions and that children feel good, because in fact they always want to play and have fun, so in addition to beautiful pieces are pieces that children feel at ease and comfortable for various activities. For you who are always looking for novelties to dress your children well, Popopie is the place where you will find this good variety.
In the most varied styles you will find all kinds of pieces to dress your children of all ages, from sets, overalls, to party clothes, shoes, all in different models always within the fashion trends.

Children's clothes are really cute and many times we have asked ourselves "why don't you have this outfit in my size?"So now it is possible to dress the whole family with family matching outfits, your children and adults will also be matching as one beautiful family. These clothes are great to wear for a special occasion, to make a themed photo album, and whenever else you and your family want.

You can use matching pieces for the whole family or if you prefer mommy and me outfits to make your daughters dress like their mommies. These pieces are in the most diverse styles, more romantic with laces and lace, or more casual and modern, always aiming for comfort and quality. children's pieces can be very stylish and different matching the style of their moms.
For sure you will find sets and pieces that make your style and that of your princess and it will be hard to choose your favorite among so many beautiful models.
For you who have always wanted to adhere to this trend and dress to match your children, now you know where to find the right pieces.
Take this opportunity to visit and get to know the store's website and follow their social midia to stay on top of the news that are always arriving there. Although the store is international they deliver all over the world always with sales and good prices.



 Today I come to present another international fashion store for you, this time in a very different segment that I have never mentioned here before, clothes that are both women and mens tactical clothing.

At Wayrates you find this style of clothing that had its origin and inspiration in the uniforms of the armed forces, army, navy, etc, and also get inspired by the working world and also by sports. This trend arrived on the streets and combines with the practicity and confort that we need so much in our busy life in big cities.

Keeping an eye on this change of direction, with life asking for more and more practicality, attuned stylists on the planet left aside the ornaments and concentrated on creating useful clothes in eclectic combinations, made in fabrics of luxury or high technology in a new concept detected and baptized as utilitarianism.

Utilitarian fashion is very practical for the season: clothes full of pockets, more comfortable models and neutral tones, such as brown, beige, military green, gray and black, which give you the opportunity to combine the accessories you want. Many people find it difficult to use this trend, but in fact it is easy to use and is stylish. It has very peculiar characteristics, which is the presence of pockets, which can be positions or only aesthetic, many buttons with a palette of “dirty” colors of earthy and green tones, especially olive green, with space for black, gray and white (since it is the easiest color to wash).

Utility fashion emerged in the 1940s, inspired by military uniforms. But utility does not have to be military because style has a lot of safari clothing. Utility fashion is a little more comprehensive, it's as if the military were in a folder and utility fashion was the file.

All tendencies towards militarism enter utilitarian fashion. This new fashion proposal conveys the expression of well-being without imposing styles.

The cheap mens hoodies, for those who like that cool, stripped-down urban style blends in very well. The heavier shoes as well as boots are also very high, giving an interesting weight to the looks that can be broken using more romantic and delicate clothes with fluid fabrics, such as skirts and dresses.

The game is no longer to enhance the look with unnecessary ornaments, but to revert the traditional looking for humor in combinations of clothes of different origins chosen by those who use them as an expression of their personality.



Today I want to recommend a store that has several pieces for our well-being, sposrts, physical activity, and aesthetics, with the purpose of making you even more beautiful and comfortable with your own body, the Lover-Beauty store is there for you.
Among the many pieces and options available is a wholesale shapewear with beautiful, comfortable pieces that shape the body. Either to model the body on a daily basis, or to leave everything in place when wearing a dress to a party or special event to feel even more beautiful, sexy and confident. In addition to this use on special occasions, if constantly, girdles can help to really shape your body the way you have always dreamed of. With the girdles you will feel even more curvaceous and feminine, your clothes will have a better fit and will help you feel more comfortable with your own body.
Speaking of confidence, what woman would not like to have a more beautiful and designed buttocks?Besides the modeling girdles, the store also has several butt lifter models, that will help you get the buttocks you have always wanted. They are very feminine pieces made with a beautiful design to make your buttocks even more round, lifted and sexy.
I highly recommend visiting the store and getting to know all their options of quality pieces at a good price. They offer payment and international shipping facilities so that your parts can easily reach you anywhere in the world. They also have good customer service and the possibility to customize their pieces, contact the store for even more information.



Mais um vez venho falar da loja Ninacloack que é aquela marca de roupas super antenada nas tendências de moda com novidades de cheap women's top online para todas as ocasiões e todos os estilos. 
No site você pode navegar e buscar as peças por modelos, como calças ou vestidos, e também estão separados pelas tendências que estão mais em alta no momento.
Abaixo esse modelo super estiloso com a estampa moderna e diferente de rostos traçados como num desenho de esboço, super descolada.

As casual sweaters womens são peças que sempre precisamos em nosso guarda roupa, perfeitos para a meia estação, que mais usamos no nosso dia a dia tanto para trabalhar quanto para sair. Os sweaters são super coringas para essas situações, podem ser lisas, com estampas como poás, listrado etc ou ainda com estampas localizadas e divertidas. 
Esse abaixo em tricot é lindo, tem aquele ar de peça mais manual e exclusiva, perfeito para deixar aquele look de jeans e camiseta mais interessante.
Recomendo super compras na loja que tem essa grande variedade de peças a preços bons preços e qualidade acessível para todos.