milanoo shoes.


Today I come to indicate another amazing international clothing store for you, Milanoo Shoes! The accessories have the power to totally change your clothes and the look, leaving the most chic for events or more casual for day to day. 

A few decades ago, shoes became the object of desire, collection items, passion and desire. But the fact is that they were initially designed only to protect the feet from rough terrain, from cold, heat, etc. And what today clogs our closet, was just an object that was part of the rudimentary man's clothing.

The peep toe heels are are certainly one of those items of desire and fetish in the female and male imagination. Despite being a classic model that never goes out of style  the are perfect to compose a sexy and sassy look make a difference when composing with a party dress to go out at night.

Another model that is very fashionable, comfortable and very stylish for the hottest days are the gladiator sandalsThis super different model with ankle strap reminds the gladiators and gives all this differential in your production. 
It goes very well with dresses, skirts, shorts in the city or on the beach that matches the warmer climate. 

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2 comentários

  1. oie!
    peep toe é um dos sapatos de salto que eu mais acho lindoooo, porém zero paciência pra usar hahaha menina, eu realmente não consigo me lembrar qual foi a última vez que eu usei um salto na vida.

    agora essas rasteirinhas... tão lindas demais! e parecem super confortáveis também.

    um beijo,
    gabi ramalho ♥

  2. Que sandálias mais lindas, amei conhecer essa loja