curvy faja.


Today I here come here to indicate to you a different kind of shop with wonderful options pieces that value and shape the body, for women who increasingly want to empower themselves and feel more confident in their choice of looks. Curvy Faja is an empowering, inviting, and fashion-forward shapewear line for women. 

As the Black Friday is approaching, we are already ahead of the curve with shapewear black friday sale, incredible pieces now on sale, at unmissable prices for you to enjoy and have no excuses for not having one of these pieces to call yours!

Highlight for the jeans with built in shapewearThese amazing women's jeans fit perfectly and are designed for everyday wear, you can use it all day, holding and pulling! You can wear our jeans normally in your everyday life and feel even more confident with your body and yourself. 
It is  made wit premium materials ultra-stretch lightweight denim fabric, polyester and spandex, easy to clean without losing its slim-fit cut. These women's jeans perfectly fit any body type and offer superior comfort and flexibility, confortable and sculpt your body.

Another model that is on the rise are faja leggings; some models can be used both underneath and appearing in your looks, so they are always concerned with trends and fashion movements while being basic and versatile to match everything in your closet, so you get the best out of the pieces using on any occasion. They can even be used at the gym, or to practice sports, yoga, outdoor leisure, being very comfortable and confident.

Comitted to innovation and high quality products. They have the ideal solution for the production of fabrics with the best technology, produced with excellent infrastructure. The goal is to change the converstaion about shapewear. By looking how people move, actually move, they make garments that are break through in their design, manufacturing techniques and materials. Remembering the quality and comfort of all the pieces of Popilush, it is high-quality shapewear comes in a diverse range of sizes and is exceptionally affordable for the high level of quality. boosting women's confidence making them feel sexy and happy with their own bodys.

Comfortable, sexy, high quality pieces the brand understands women and everything they want to go with their image. This redefining its body image, the relationship between Curvy Faja and its consumers is extremely reliable. Each woman is unique, strong, sexy, beautiful and we always want to see them at their best shape.

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