FYY store cases.


You can tell the truth: when you see your friend with a case for Apple iPad Pro 12.9 inches different, nor breathe before asking where she was bought, right? In addition to protecting your iPad, the weeds are usually cute and, you can not deny, it's great to find an original model out there! I'm in love with the cases of the online store FYYstore !!
The store is super serious and safe, founded many years ago and which specializes in the sale of laptop luggage, cell phone covers, tablet covers, laptop bags and other such devices! Each manufactured product is of high quality with a huge variety of colors, styles, prints and is well insured for the buyer's interest.
The Pro 12.9 iPad case was launched in 2018 in premium genuine red leather and soft cloth interior for a firm and guaranteed durability. It is perfect for holding videoconferences and watching movies. When the lid is opened and closed, it has a device in suspension automatically. The design is super modern and classic, with all the certainty I loved, not to mention the price that is super consider.
The store still has an exclusive website at FYY store that has many products and prices are great. In addition to having a loyal clientele and a variety of sales by all countries. I have already chosen several cases for the iPad Pro and I can not wait to get there ! You can click here for more models of their great products!

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4 comentários

  1. Que lindas capas protetoras, vou conhecer a loja.

    Bjokas da Vaci :*

  2. adorei a dica da loja <3 meu iPad morreu. fiquei bem chateada hahaha

    n. // www.fashionjacket.com.br

  3. Muito lindas essas capas e sempre muito necessárias.
    Gostei muito da dica.

  4. Achei demais a case, muito bonita